August 20, 2018

As you know, due to the sale of the building, our last aikido class at Roswell Budokan will be held on Friday, August 31st. We are finalizing lease arrangements to move our dojo to a new location.

The build-out of our new location will not be completed until at least October 1st, perhaps even a few weeks later.  In the interim, while we are waiting to open our new dojo location, we will hold aikido classes three times per week at J3 Academy & Fitness. Here’s the address: 13695 Highway 9 North, Suite 105, Alpharetta, GA 30004.

We are familiar with J3 Academy because we recently opened a “satellite” dojo location there. Several of us have already trained there. We have been very pleased with the facilities and the warm reception we have received.

We will practice aikido at J3 Academy at 7:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and at 10:00am on Saturday mornings.  Classes will be 90 minutes long. Children are welcome to attend all classes with the adults.

Please make plans to attend class at the J3 location. We will also need your help with construction activities at the new dojo. Stay tuned for details.

This is a time of change for us all. The constancy of our aikido practice, wherever it may be, will carry us through.

Thank you for your continued support.


Michael D. Goodman

Dojo Cho / Chief Instructor


Aikido Association Atlanta / Kyushinkan Dojo

11516 Woodstock Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075


Phone: 678.777.8116 (cell)


email: mg@goodmanlawatl.com

Quality Aikido and Iaido Instruction

Welcome to Kyushinkan Dojo, the home of Aikido Association Atlanta. We practice the martial art of Aikido at the Roswell Budokan, a community center located in the heart of Roswell. Our Aikido dojo was established in 1995 and has served hundreds of aikido students, both adult and children. Our mission has been to provide quality Aikido instruction and to spread Aikido’s core principles: effective self-defense; self-improvement through rigorous training; and compassionate conflict resolution. We are members of Aikido World Alliance, an international Aikido organization headed by Andy Sato Sensei (7th dan) with direct affiliation to the Aikikai in Japan.

As a non-profit school, we are committed to serving the community by providing affordable instruction in Aikido. Classes for adults and children are offered 7 days per week and are taught by certified instructors who give back to the Aikido community by volunteering their time. We accept students ages 5 and above in our children’s Aikido program. Adults of all ages, martial arts background, and fitness levels are welcome to train. We also offer Myugai Ryu Iaido (traditional Japanese swordsmanship) for interested adult or teenage students.

Please call, email, or stop by the dojo to say “hello” and learn more about Aikido and Iaido. Visitors are always welcome to observe or participate in class.

Youth Aikido

Ages 5-12

Youth Aikido

We strive to offer a fun and energetic, yet disciplined, environment where students learn cooperatively. We focus on breathing, balance, awareness, and posture to develop efficient ways of moving.   Aikido related principles are incorporated into games and martial techniques.

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Adult Aikido

Ages 13 & up

Adult Aikido

Aikido is for men and woman of all ages, body types, and physical conditions.  We offer classes 11 times per week including morning, evening and weekend classes.  Aikido develops flexibility, coordination, increased range of motion, good posture and better physical condition.

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Japanese Swordsmanship


Iaido is  Japanese Swordsmanship performed with smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword, striking or cutting, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.  Iaido focuses on improving concentration, physical fitness, balance, posture and coordination.

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