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Fukushidoin – Assistant Instructors

Robin Johnson
Robin JohnsonNidan
2nd degree black belt
Justin Thompson
Justin ThompsonNidan
2nd degree black belt
Jason Schneider
Jason SchneiderNidan
2nd degree black belt
Keith Mclain
Keith MclainNidan
2nd degree black belt
Glenden Johnson
Glenden JohnsonNidan
2nd degree black belt
Deborah Phillipeck
Deborah PhillipeckShodan
1st degree black belt
Lori Johnson
Lori JohnsonShodan
1st degree black belt
Maxwell Johnson
Maxwell JohnsonShodan
1st degree black belt
David Binder
David BinderShodan
I first started Aikido in 2011 at age 42. I am a qualified plan analyst who works from a home office, am married and have two teenage children. I first trained in Aikido to get myself out of the house, exercising, and for an activity I could share with my son. Now my training is more a drive to see what I can achieve and has taken on more of a community aspect with everyone at the dojo. I greatly enjoy the path aspect of aikido. There really is no final destination you can arrive at, however you continually move along the path as you progress in the art.
Jamie Renell
Jamie RenellShodan
1st degree black belt
Ming Yao
Ming YaoShodan
1st degree black belt
Aaron Hadley
Aaron HadleyShodan
1st degree black belt
Derek Johnson
Derek JohnsonShodan
1st degree black belt