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Aikido at Kyushinkan Dojo

Aikido Association Atlanta offers comprehensive aikido training under the auspices of Aikido World Alliance, an international aikido organization led by Andrew Sato Shihan (7th dan ). We have a full Aikido curriculum that includes empty hand techniques and traditional aiki weapons: knife (tanto), sword (bokken), and staff (jo). Our classes are taught by experienced senior dan- ranked instructors who are certified by Sato Shihan. Classes include a period of stretching, aiki taiso exercises, active instruction, and technique practice with a partner or small group. With the exception of periodic classes for “yudansha (black belt) only,” classes are open to students of all ranks.

We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive dojo community in which students of varying levels of experience and ability can share aikido practice together. All that is required is a sincere desire to learn and willingness to train diligently. To ensure a safe training environment, and to display respect for the art, dojo, and our training partners, students are expected to follow traditional rules of Japanese etiquette. We strive to take care of each other on the mat and to be a caring and supportive family off of it.

Aikido roughly translates to “the Way of Harmonizing of Energy.” In its martial aspect, Aikido utilizes the energy of the attacker against himself. This is accomplished by disrupting the stability of the attacker through movement or a strike. We utilize throws, joint locks, and focused strikes. At a philosophical level, we are blending with the attack and redirecting destructive energy into a more positive force.

The practice of Aikido is not easy. There will be bumps, bruises, and frustration. There is no end point to practice; no completion of a curriculum. There is no Aikido “champion.” Instead, Aikido is a life-long pursuit to improve one’s technique and ability to relate to others. Approached with the proper mind-set, Aikido practice helps us become more complete, fully realized, persons.

Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment.

Morihei Ueshiba

Founder of Aikido