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Youth Aikido

Our children’s classes are designed to teach discipline, focus, awareness, self-control and self-defense. Children are taught that there are ways to deal with conflict without necessarily fighting. In response to a physical threat, Aikido teaches methods that work with the attack to defeat an aggressor using their own energy, in this way negating size, speed, and strength.

We strive to offer a fun and energetic, yet disciplined, environment where students learn cooperatively. We focus on breathing, balance, awareness, and posture to develop efficient ways of moving. Aikido related principles are incorporated into games and martial techniques. Students practice in pairs or small groups, taking turns being the attacker (called uke) and the defender (called nage). Most aikido techniques finish with a throw, joint lock, or pin. Basic striking drills are also taught.

All of our children’s aikido classes are taught by senior level black belt instructors with many years of teaching experience. The aikido instructors at Roswell Budokan are volunteers who joyfully seek to transmit the art of aikido to a new generation of students.

Our Youth Leaders

Gifford Pace
Gifford PaceYouth Leader
Gifford began his martial art training in close-quarters police tactics under the supervisor of Fred Burnside. He found aikido in San Antonio and trained under Lac Tran during the late ’80. Upon his move to Memphis, his abilities and knowledge of aikido and kempo grew by working closely with Gary Chase. He would go on to be one of the founders of the Keishinkan dojo in Memphis, as well as run an aikido class for Lausanne High School. He now has been training at Kyushinkan dojo in Atlanta since 2013.
Simone Maranto
Simone MarantoYouth Leader
Simone has been training in Japanese martial arts since 1992 and training with Aikido Association Atlanta since 1996. She is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido and 2nd degree black belt in iaido, the art of Japanese Swordsmanship.
Robin Johnson
Robin JohnsonYouth Leader
Robin is a 2nd degree black belt.
Keith Washington
Keith WashingtonYouth Leader
Keith is a 3rd degree black belt.